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18th September 2011.
All African Games - Day 1, 2 and 3
The All African Games were held in Maputo, Mozambique, September 3-18, 2011. A good occasion for the African judoka to meet again in the perspective of the next year Olympic Games, London 2012.
Suprises in the Heavy Weights
The first day of competition saw the start of the Judo at the All African Games. This day is reserved for the heavy weights of African, men +100kg, -100kg and -90kg and woman +78kg, -78kg and -70kg. If it was exciting judo that these games were looking for we surely received it.  National pride was around as the judokas knew that all eyes from their countries were on them.
In the woman’s fight there were no surprises, in the -70kg, Houda Miled, from Algeria and Antonia Moreira from Angola battled one another as they had done earlier in Dakar at the Continental Championships.    Moreira desperate for a win against Miled took on the fight but in the end just could not beat the current African Champion.
The biggest upsets of the day came from the men heavy weights, current African Champions from Egypt Ramadan Darwish -100kg and Islam El Shehaby +100kg, both came to the games to defend their titles.
Darwish, underestimated his Cameroonian partner Ewane Moussima, who is currently not ranked in the top 10 in Africa.  Moussima won by ippon within the first 2 minutes of the contest.  El Shehaby who has just been defeated at the World Championships in Paris, came to Mozambique to prove that he was still no.1 in Africa, well today that would not be the case, into Golden score; Faical Jaballah of Tunisia defeated the current African Champion.
Tunisia took home the most gold medals today a count of four.  With this standard of judo being observed in the heavy weights we are sure to see some great fights in the upcoming days in the lighter weights.
Final Results
1.  MAREGHNI, Hana (TUN)
2.  MAFEGUIM, Honorine (CMR)
3.  SAGNA, Georgette (SEN)
3.  TEMMAR, Amina (ALG)
2.  ASSELAH, Sonia (ALG)
3.  SAGNA, Monica (SEN)
3.  FOKOU, Dechantal (CMR)
1.  MESBAH, Hesham (EGY)
3.  DOLASSEM, Dieudonne (CMR)
3.  KONE, Kinapeya (CIV)
1.  MOUSSIMA, Ewane (CMR)
2.  DARWISH, Ramadan (EGY)
3.  SHABANI, Kambere (COD)
3.  MESKINE, Yacine (ALG)
1.  JABALLAH, Faical (TUN)
2.  EL SHEHABY, Islam (EGY)
3.  BEBEZE, Atangana (CMR)
3.  ZOUANI, Bilal (ALG)
Another day of exciting judo for Africa, in the categories, Men’s – 73kg and 81kg’s and woman’s -57kg and 63kg’s,  with great ippon’s and sportsmanship witnessed.
The major stirring came today from the woman’s -63kg division, where little know Severine Nebie, from Burkina Faso won gold and Esther Augustine from Nigeria won silver.  It is the first time that Burkino Faso has ever won a medal at the All African Games.
Nigeria, whose players are also not well know on the African circuit are performing very well and have managed to take home 4 medals by the end of today.
Final results day two
1. JELASSI, Nesria (TUN)
2. DIEDHIOU, Hortance (SEN)
3. DEUTCHO.N, Grace (CMR)
3. LEBOMIE, E.Raissa (GAB)
1. NEBIE, Severine (BUR)
2. AUGUSTINE, Esther (NGR)
3. SAIDI, Kahina (ALG)
3. SEYE, Fary (SEN)
1. GRINI, Larbi (ALG)
2. VAN VAN ZYL, Gideon (RSA)
3. HAFIZ, Hussein (EGY)
1. BENAMADI, Abedrrahmane (ALG)
2. ANTONIO, Angelo (ANG)
3. SOLOMON, Jude (NGR)
5. BOAZ, Munyonga (ZAM)

Battle of the Medals
With Algeria being on top of the medal tally yesterday rivals Tunisia put their heart and soul into the competition in the effort to take over the position of most medals, but this was not to be.  Algeria have taken four gold, three silver and five bronze medals, however Tunisia can still boast at taking home the most gold medals, six,  in this the last day of the All African Games.  Nigeria has also surprised all and has shown Africa they are a force to be reckoned with in time to come.
A total of 27 countries participated in the judo event and some brilliant judo was seen over the past three days.  In the woman’s -52kg category Soraya Haddad once again showed why she was African Champion with an excellent ippon against her opponent, Ngandeu Weyinjam of Cameroon.
In the mens -60kg event current African Champion, Mohamed El Hadi Elkawisah, from Libya lost his title to Lyes Saker of Algeria and ending up with a bronze medal.  However with that being said this was a momentous occasion for Libya winning a medal at the games while the country is at war and showing their new liberation flag to the world.
Congratulations to the participants and Mozambique Judo for a great event and we look forward to the African Youth Games being held in Botswana in 2014.
-48 kg
1.  KHALFAOUI, Amani (TUN)
2.  ILENDOU.M, Sandrine (GAB)
3.  AUDU, Franka (NGR)
3.  SAIDI, Sabrina (ALG)
-52 kg
1.  HADDAD, Soraya (ALG)
2.  WEYINJAM, Ngandeu (CMR)
3.  AGBODOBIRI, Victoria (NGR)
3.  ESTHER, Sando (ZAM)
-60 kg
1.  SAKER, Lyes (ALG)
2.  SOLOMON, Eniafe (NGR)
3.  ELKAWISAH, Mohamed El Hadi (LBA)
3.  PEDRO, Nayr (ANG)
-66 kg
1.  AWAD, Ahmed (EGY)
2.  NOUARI, Youcef (ALG)
3.  KHALFAOUI, Hocem (TUN)
3.  MABULU, Siyabulela (RSA)
Estony Hattingh
Head Communication Director:  African Judo Union


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