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4th October 2012.
IJF 2013-2016 Judo Project
Last August, the London Olympic Games put a superb end to a four-year-period, which was rich in changes (new International Circuit, World Ranking List, new Refereeing Rules…).

Judo Experts to discuss the future of Judo in Budapest
During the Games, 136 countries from the 5 continents were present and judo showed its universality (in Beijing 96 countries were present, which was already a record). 14 new Olympic champions were awarded. They are the new heroes and the new ambassadors of our sport. But Judo is a living body and the IJF is taking care of it. In constant evolution, judo is analyzed to be sure that its spirit remains the same and its values continue to be promoted allover the world, because judo is not only a sport, but it is a fantastic educational tool.
This, following the invitation of the IJF President, Mr Marius L. Vizer, a recognized group of judo experts including coaches, referees and sports commission members, as well as other well known judo specialists, met on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012, in Budapest, for the "IJF 2013-2016 Judo Project".

Technical Developments
Taking into consideration the expertise of the experts and the experience, results and feedback of the 30th Olympiad and London Olympic Games, the meeting focused on the judo technical developments for the next four years. The agenda of the meeting included questions such as the draw procedure, the weigh-in, the refereeing video control (CARE System), the evaluation of the judo techniques, the penalties, the golden score, the hantei decisions, the different kumi-kata situations, the legs grabbing evaluation, the size of the tatami, the characteristics of judogi, the number of technical staff during the competitions and the number of athletes representing their national federations at the IJF events.
Validation Process
Each of the different aspects that were presented and discussed during that crucial experts meeting, received an answer that must now be validated by the IJF executive committee. The aim of that important piece of work was to find the best way of developing, presenting and performing judo during the upcoming Olympiad. With the precious help of the best experts in the world, judo is ready to keep going forward. 
List of the participants
Mr. Vladimir Barta, World University Champion, IJF Head Sports Director
Mr. Jan Snijders, European Champion, IJF Refereeing Director
Mr. Daniel Lascau, World Champion, IJF Sports Director
Mr. Bernd Achilles, IJF Refereeing Commission
Mr. Peter Frese, President of the German Judo Federation
Mr. Peter Seisenbacher, Olympic and World Champion, Coach of the Georgian team
Mr. Neil Adams, World Champion, Olympic Silver Medallist, Coach, Judo Commentator
Mr. Serge Feist, European Champion, Judo Expert, Coach
Mr. Doru Sapta, Judo Expert, Coach
Mr. Maarten Arens, European Champion, National Head Coach of the Dutch Team
Mr. Moshe Ponti, Judo expert, Coach
Mr. Kiyoshi Murakami, Secretary General of the All Japan Judo Federation, Judo Expert
Mr. Felice Mariani, European Champion, Olympic and World Medallist, Coach of the Italian Team
Mr. Robert van de Walle, Olympic Champion, Judo Expert (contribution in writing)
Mr. Ezio Gamba, Olympic Champion, World Medallist, Head Coach of the Russian Team (contribution in writing)


main events
Asian Open, Taipei 2016
Chinese Taipei (TPE), Taipei
2016-09-03 - 2016-09-04
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