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25th November 2012.
Judo Grand Prix, Qingdao 2012 - DAY 2 Results
The second day of the Judo Grand Prix, Qingdao 2012, was held today in China. Three women's categories (-70kg, -78kg, +78kg) and four men's categories (-81kg, -90kg, -100kg, +100kg) were concerned. China dominated the medal table with 3 gold medals in the -70kg, -90kg and +78kg weight categories. All four other titles went to four different countries: Brazil, Slovenia, Japan and Lithuania. 
Men's -81kg: Third Gold for Penalber at an IJF Event this Year
After two minutes of observation, Victor Penalber slowly but surely increased his rhythm, his level and the pressure on the Russian. Being more and more dangerous on his attacks, he threw KHABACHIROV on the floor for no score with a swiping technic, immediately followed with a strangulation giving no change to the Russian. "I've trained for that particular entry into the shime waza. When I missed with the ashi waza I felt the opening and put it on very quickly" explained Penalber after the fight. After his victories earlier this year in the Grand Slam, Rio, and the Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi, the Brazilian champion adds one more medal to his prize list. 
The first semi-final opposed Murat KHABACHIROV (RUS) and OTGONBAATAR Uuganbaatar (MGL). After a long and tough fight, where none of the two athletes could take the advantage, KHABACHIROV and OTGONBAATAR entered the golden score. It took two more minutes to the Russian to find a good opportunity to throw OTGONBAATAR for yuko and to enter the final. OTGONBAATAR Uuganbaatar (MGL) took the bronze medal. 
The second semi-final opposed Victor PENALBER (BRA) and LI Maojian (CHN). The Brazilian won with a tremendous counterattack (ura-nage) for ippon, giving no chance to Li, despite the strong support of his home public. The bronze medal went to the chinese competitor.
Final results
1. PENALBER, Victor (BRA)
3. LI, Maojian (CHN)
3. OTGONBAATAR, Uuganbaatar (MGL)
5. DAVIS, Thomas (GBR)
5. GAN, Tuvshinjargal (MGL)
5. WANG, Xuewen (CHN)
5. ZHANG, Wentao (CHN)
Women's -70kg: 1 out of 3 for China
Maria PORTELA (BRA) vs. CHEN Fei (CHN).
At the end of the regular time, both athletes had received one penalty for passivity. It was time for golden score. Both athletes seemed to be really strong and none of them capable of throwing their opponent. But after one minute in the extra time, during a mutual counter attack situation, Chei finally got the advantage to dominate Portela and threw her completely on her back, with force, speed and control for a perfect ippon and the first gold medal of the day for China. 
The first semi-final opposed Maria PORTELA (BRA) and Laura VARGAS KOCH (GER). Once again, the five minutes of regular time were not enough to determine the winner, and both fighters entered the golden score with a yuko. When, after 30 seconds, the German launched a hip movement attack, it immediately looked not strong and controlled enough to be dangerous, at least not dangerous for the Brazilian. She counterattacked with a te-guruma for a yuko, enough for her to enter the final and imitate her teammate from the -81kg category. "I'm pleased with my performance here and glad that Germany was able to get a second medal. More than anything I'm happy that I could test myself at this level" Said Vargas-Koch despite her defeat.
The second semi-final opposed two Chines athletes: CHEN Fei (CHN) and ZHOU Chao (CHN). Two minutes before the end of the fight, Chen was leading by yuko (2 penalties to 1). Zhou was one more time penalized before the end, and the victory went to Chen, the bronze medal going to her opponent. 
Final results
1. CHEN, Fei (CHN)
2. PORTELA, Maria (BRA)
3. ZHOU, Chao (CHN)
5. CHEN, Yun-Ting (TPE)
5. HAN, Weiyan (CHN)
5. OSUMI, Yuka (JPN)
Men's -90kg: 2 out of 3 for China
ZHANG Jun (CHN) vs. CHENG Xunzhao (CHN).
For the second time during that second day of competition, the Chinese anthem was played in the Qingdao Guoxin Sport Hall, also called the diamond hall. With an unbelievable shoulder movement (eri-seoi-nage), Cheng propelled his teammate, but nevertheless opponent, on the second step of the podium and exploded with joy, when he realized that he was the winner of the category. 
The first semi-final opposed ZHANG Jun (CHN) and HUH Chae Goo (KOR). Widely supported by his public, ZHANG had to wait until the last 30 seconds of the regular time to throw his opponent on the side for a yuko, with a counterattack (tani-otoshi). Huh won the bronze medal.
The second semi-final opposed again a Korean fighter, KIM Kwang-Ho (KOR) and a local competitor, CHENG Xunzhao (CHN), the final result being the same as during the first semifinal. Cheng joined his teammate in the final with a win by ippon (combination of cross-crip from the Korean and a counter attack with an authorized leg grab by Cheng). Kim won the bronze medal. 
Final results
1. CHENG Xunzhao (CHN)
2. ZHANG Jun (CHN)
3. HUH, Chae Goo (KOR)
3. KIM, Kwang-Ho (KOR)
5. KITANO, Yuichi (JPN)
5. LI, Kunpeng (CHN)
5. LKHAGVASUREN, Otgonbaatar (MGL)
5. SULEMIN, Grigorii (RUS)
Women's -78kg: Slovenia Confirms its good Results
JUNG Da Woon (KOR) vs. Anamari VELENSEK (SLO)
After two minutes, the Korean was penalized for the first time with shido for passivity. Velensek then took the lead when a second shido was given to Jung for the same reason. Only a few seconds before the end of the fight, The slovenian, who already tried to immobilize her opponent earlier in the final, finally did it for ippon. "It was hard getting motivated after the Olympics and I was disappointed at only coming third at the recent European -23 championships. So it was particularly pleasing to win a final and a real bonus to be awarded with the Ippon Trophy" said Velensek.
The first semi-final opposed HIDAKA Misaki (JPN) and JUNG Da Woon (KOR) and the golden score was necessary to designate the winner. With a second penalty received during the additional time, Hidaka lost and got the bronze medal, while Da Woon entered the final of the category. 
The second semi-final opposed Anamari VELENSEK (SLO) and HAN Li (CHN). This second fight was much shorter than the first one as it took only 36 seconds for VELENSEK to armlock her opponent. Han was awarded with the bronze medal. 
Final results
1. VELENSEK, Anamari (SLO)
2. JUNG Da Woon (KOR)
3. HAN, Li (CHN)
3. HIDAKA, Misaki (JPN)
5. CHOI, Mi-Young (KOR)
5. CHONGTHAM, Jina Devi (IND)
5. POWELL, Natalie (GBR)
5. ZHANG, Jie (CHN)
Men's -100kg: Spectacular Movement for a Japanese Win
Renan NUNES (BRA) vs. KUMASHIRO Yusuke (JPN)
Only 19 seconds were necessary to the Japanese to score with an extraordinary hip movement (sode-tsuri-komi-goshi) for ippon and to win the title. Silver medalist Renan Nunes was rueful about his defeat. "It was of those things and I got caught cold. I'll be back and I'll be better prepared next time".
The first semi-final opposed Renan NUNES (BRA) and KIM Do Hyoung (KOR), who, during five minutes, kept attacking continuously. The final score being two yuko for Nunes and 1 for Kim, the Brazilian entered into the final, while the Korean won the bronze medal. 
The second semi-final opposed KUMASHIRO Yusuke (JPN) and YUAN Jinling (CHN), who produced a very interesting and engaged judo throughout the fight. The Japanese finally won to enter the final, the bronze medal going to Yuan.
Final results
1. KUMASHIRO, Yusuke (JPN)
2. NUNES Renan (BRA)
3. KIM, Do Hyoung (KOR)
3. YUAN, Jinling (CHN)
5. BAUZA, Karolis (LTU)
5. CORREA, Luciano (BRA)
5. HUSSAIN, Shah (PAK)
5. XU, Jie (CHN)
Women's +78kg: Happy Yu Wins the Third Gold of the Day for China
QIN Qian (CHN) vs. YU Song (CHN)
The category was largely dominated by the Chinese athletes as the four of them entered into the final block. During the final, after two minutes, a first shido was given to Yu for passivity and it looked like the fight would go until the golden score, since both athletes knew each other really well and were almost incapable of finding the smallest possible opportunity to attack. And that is exactly what happened. Three minutes of extra time were offered to the competitors. Apparently Qin was looking for a second shido to be given to her opponent and which would have attributed her the victory. But she was not paid in return for that strategy as she was the one who was actually penalized for passivity. It was time for the referee decision, who all gave the victory to the blue judogi, Yu song. "Im so glad to take a second title here in my home town and perhaps push for a place as the number one in my weight category. Best of all was that we, China, took all the medals in this weight" said Yu Song.
The first semi-final opposed QIN Qian (CHN) and WANG Rui (CHN). With no surprise the world number three of the category, Qin, won the fight after having immobilized her opponent. 
The second semi-final between LI Yang (CHN) and YU Song (CHN) was won by Yu by yuko, Li taken the bronze medal 
Final results
1. YU, Song (CHN)
2. QIN, Qian (CHN)
3. LI, Yang (CHN)
3. WANG, Rui (CHN)
5. ALTHEMAN, Maria Suelen (BRA)
5. ICHIHASHI, Suzuka (JPN)
5. WOO, Jung-Min (KOR)
Men's +100kg: PASKEVICIUS in Gold to Conclude the Championship
After 2 minutes and a half, the score was one yuko for Saidov (2 penalties to 1). It was the time that Paskevicius chose to score a first waza-ari, which gave him the lead. This first score was immediately followed by a very efficient combination ko-uchi-gari/de-ashi-barai by the Lithuanian for ippon. "I wanted a good final, but Saidov is a clever and skillful competitor so I had to be watchful. I waited for my chance and it came in good style in the end" said Paskevicius.
The first semi-final opposed PASKEVICIUS, Marius (LTU) and WANG, Quanchao (CHN). A first waza-ari was scored by the Lituanian after 2 minutes and 50 seconds (sumi-gaeshi), immediately followed by a strong immobilization, from which it was impossible for the Chinese fighter to escape. Wang won the bronze medal. 
The second semi-final opposed SAIDOV, Renat (RUS) and WANG, Qiang (CHN), the Russian winning his ticket to the final and Wang finishing third. 
Final results
2. SAIDOV, Renat (RUS)
3. WANG Quanchao (CHN)
3. WANG, Qiang (CHN)
5. KIM, Soo-Whan (KOR)
5. LEE, Po Yen (TPE)
5. SHEN, Zhuhong (CHN)
5. WANG, Zhen (CHN)
Ippon trophy
Men: DAVAADORJ Tummurkhuleg -66kg (MGL)
Women: VELENSEK Anamari -78kg (SLO)
Best Athletes
Men: PENALBRE Victor -81kg (BRA)
Women: YU Song +78 (CHN)


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