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8th September 2013.
IJF Kata World Championships set for Kyoto, Japan
The fifth edition of the IJF Kata World Championships will grace Kyoto, Japan from Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 October at the Kyoto Budo Centre.

The world’s leading kata exponents will travel to the homeland of judo - which is celebrating being awarded the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo - after testing themselves at the highest level in Pordenone, Italy last year.

Kata is the ritualised practice of forms of judo in a prearranged fashion. There are seven formal kata in judo, and each technique in each kata is practised in a precise and prescribed manner. Two of the kata - nage no kata (forms of throwing) and katame no kata (forms of grappling) demonstrate many of the basic principles underlying all the contemporary judo throwing and grappling techniques in current use today.

Mr. Marius Vizer, IJF President, said: “At each edition of this international event, the level has increased and the athletes, who are taking part, are better prepared. The show is and will be, once again, of very good quality.

“This fifth edition will also have a special dimension because it will take place in the birthplace of our sport: Japan. The medallists on one hand, and more generally all the participants, on the other hand, will return home with indelible memories.

“Kata are an integral part of the history of our sport, but it is not just history. They also correspond to the aspiration of many judoka who, more than 130 years after the inception of judo, continue to perpetuate its spirit. Judo conveys strong values   that are well illustrated by the practice of kata.

“I would like to thank the All Japan Judo Federation for all the hard work undertaken so far to organize this event and to all the efforts that are still to be made to assure it is a great success. I also wish the best of luck to all participants.”


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